Karma Consult

Empowering through Partnership

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Empowering organizations for sustainability.

Our Values

We integrate passion, excellence, and integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business with special attention to customer needs.

Our Vision

To be a leader in provision of quality services that exceeds customer expectations.

Human capital remains the most valuable resource among all the other known resources. It is indeed the engine that drive all the other resources to churn out goods and services which meet the needs of customers. The risk of a business having unskilled staff can bring a business/organization to its knees especially because it is the staff that manage/mitigate all other risks. Yet, more often than not, this resource is taken for granted and very little budget is set aside for its development to ensure its optimal contribution in mobilizing the other factors of production.

The baseline survey on devolution carried out last year by Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK) in sampled counties across the republic speaks volumes in terms of human resource gaps which needs to be urgently filled in order to realize vision 2030. As we address governance, risk and audit, it is important for us to address the gaps in skills requirements by businesses, counties and other institutions.

KARMA Consult Ltd established its training arm in name of KARMA Training Institute to try and address manpower needs in the country. We have a campus in Isiolo County and we are in the process of starting others in Nairobi and Meru. Karma Training Institute focuses on business courses, adult learning with special emphasis on entrepreneurship that is geared at helping in job creation,

What Sets us apart?

 We recognize that Auditing in any organization is a critical function. Our dedicated and experienced team of experts led by Regina Nyoroka Karauri has a track record of excellence in streamlining operations.  
Through her leadership, we have been able to review organizational processes with the objective of mitigating and managing risk. we have also critically reviewed company policies and procedures, ensured that they are in place and are being followed.   Through well calculated means, we are able to also review the adequacies and effectiveness of systems of internal controls. We regularly review performance indications to optimize operations of a given organization.    
Our team is also equipped in consultancy and training in variuos sectors on topics including Governance, Risk Management Control (GRC), Internal Audit, Strategic Management, Finance and Supply chain management. We also carry out consultancy services in quality assessments of internal Audit Functions in accordance with international Professional Practices Framework (IPPF).
More than ever before countries in this part of the world are embracing strategic planning which in turn requires effective risk management, performance monitoring and compliance with various laws, standards, governance codes etc. for effective and efficient achievement of their visions and missions. In Kenya we have vision 2030. To achieve this vision the government must work with various development partners and the private sector. In addition performance contracting and monitoring has become the norm....